Road To Camp Rock 2: The Final Jam

Yesterday they showed a commercial on Disney Channel of a sneak peek/behind the scenes look of Camp Rock 2: The Final Jam. This video below is LQ due to being filmed with a camera pointing to the television.

Youtube: lovestrokesjonas123

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  1. Hey demi was up i am so happy for you becouse you get to live your dream and i hope it keeps on going and don’t forget who loves you and don’t become a spoiled brat like other super stars and stay out of trouble your familey loves your fans love and you forget that…ok bye love dany!!!:D

  2. sorry i said that message wrong what i ment to say was and don’t forget that you famly loves you and so do your fans don’t get in to trouble to much and keep on rockin!!!!:D love Dany im a girl!!!!hahaha <3

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