Camp Rock 2 Twitters!

Here are is a list of a few of the Camp Rock 2 cast members’ twitter accounts. If I am forgetting someone, let us know (make sure it’s their REAL TWITTER first though!

Demi Lovato
Jonas Brothers
Anna Perez de Tagle
Meaghan Martin
Jasmine Richards
Jordan Francis – JMan
Roshon Fegan
Chloe Bridges
Courtney Galiano
Alfredo Flores
Matthew Finley
Tallie Brinson III
Justin DeAnda

3 Comments on “Camp Rock 2 Twitters!”

  1. Um…Jonas Brothers, Meaghan Martin, Jasmine Richards, Jordan Francis-JMan, Shorty all have one…Because I am following them and Demi Lovato is following them so they are not fakers.

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