On the set of the Jonas Brothers’ Camp Rock 2?

Okay, Jonas Brothers fans, I have a rare update for you. As some of you can probably guess, I don’t usually follow the band’s activities, but I stumbled onto the set for their new TV movie, Camp Rock 2, so I thought I owed you some details.

On Friday I was at Rockwood Conservation Area near Guelph with Aisha and we noticed that a big event was in the works. They were putting up a tent near the parking lot, and I they had a lot of power cables running down to the beach. That’s when I realized we were walking onto a set-in-the-making.

Rockwood has a nice big open field leading down to the beach, but on Friday there were seven or eight rustic cabins that had been built along a path leading down to a fire pit area. It looked like most of the set had already been built and they were doing set dressing and random work to make it look right.

When we asked someone what they were filming they said it was a movie called “Coin Flip”. Looking around though, Aisha noticed that there were canoes that had been painted to say “Camp Rock”, so it didn’t take much to connect the dots.

The first connection is that the Ontario Media Development Corporation has a production named “Coin Flip” on record with director Paul Hoen and producer Kevin Lafferty. Looking up their details, Hoen is the director for an upcoming TV series called Jonas, starring the brothers, and Lafferty was the producer for 2008’s Camp Rock. That’s pretty much clear proof this was indeed the Camp Rock 2 set, or possibly something connected to the new TV series.

Either way, here are a few photos from the set. If I’ve got this wrong at all, please let me know. Otherwise I’ve sent an email off to the production company to see if I can get any more info or a confirmation. I’ll post an update below if I get any more information.

Source: The Gate

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  1. Hello Demi !
    Camp Rock 2 <33
    Demi <33 Please Have A Consert In Norway

    << 333 333
    < 3 333
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  2. Hi , demi love u .
    Camp rock to is sher amamzing !
    And unbelivebal :D

    Gooo ! (druum!)
    C A M P ROCK 2 <3333333333

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