Photos: New Official Myspace, Personal

One of Demi’s guy best friends, Nolan, posted on his twitter some photos of Demi. I added to the gallery.

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  1. Demi is a true inspiration & a great person all around. Add to that her overwhelming beauty, drive & determination, great personality, heart & charm, sense of humor, & the fact that she’s still the same Demi she’s always been & has remained true to herself. To me, Demi will be around for many, many years to come. I saw her show at the Ohio State Fair 2 weeks back & she’s a very gifted & multi-talented young woman who knows how to put on a fantastic live show. You want my opinion? Demi Devonne Lovato is where it’s AT!

  2. Hi demi i am your bigest fan ever i wish i could meet you in person because i was wondering i could help you with so lyrics becausei callled you and i left you a song . have you graded it.tell me or call me.

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