Buzzworthy Blog Fan Interview!

“Watch Demi Lovato’s Buzzworthy Blog Fan Interview!”
Posted 3 days by Tamar Anitai

Thanks for sending Buzzworthy an extraordinary amount of fan questions for Demi Lovato to answer! Demi raced through her MTV Buzzworthy Blog fan Q&A interview, not because she’d downed a Big Gulp of coffee — she was trying to answer as many of your fan questions as possible. Because the girl is a true gem.

Watch Demi Lovato discuss the part of her life history she’d rewrite, her relationship status, her TRUE feelings for the Jonas Brothers, her all-time favorite concert, her favorite place to shop, her advice for dealing with bullies, and which of her own songs she considers her favorite, only in this exclusive Buzzworthy Blog interview!

Source: MTV’s Buzzworthy

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