Site History

Site Name: Demi Central
Opened: May 25, 2008
Host: The Fan Sites Network
Staff: Emily & Kimmy
Why Demi Lovato? (Written by Emily) I decided to make a Demi Lovato site because she has an amazing voice, an awesome actress, and is just so TALENTED.

How the site got created: (Written by Emily) I heard about Demi in As The Bell Rings. I wasn’t a huge fan. Later, I heard about her and knew she was going to be in Camp Rock. I still didn’t start a fan site because i didn’t know much about HTML, and all that stuff. I applied at and I got accepted! Sooner or later the site was opened but, after some months we switched hosts to The Fan Sites Network and we haven’t had much problems here.

The first week and so we didn’t get very much visitors, maybe about 50 a day. Now we are getting around 3,000 hits a day! We both hope this site will grow very big and we will have many visitors a day. Please tell everyone about the site. Your friends, people in your school, people you hate, demi fans, and everyone! We hope Demi will one day visit the site! If you would like to donate any thing, news, pictures, graphics, you can donate it to demicentral[at]

**7/25/08, From reading what is above. We now are getting around 1,000 visitors a day! Thank you everyone for visiting the site!
**9/23/08, We have a new domain! It is now We got a new host, it is now, Erin is no longer working on the site, but Kimmy from, Nick J Online is now working on the site! We get over 2,000 visitors each day.
**On October 11th, 2008. Kimmy got to meet Demi. She told her about the site and Demi DOES visit the site. That will probably be the most amazing thing ever. Also, Kimmy got to get an intro video(Check it out on the sidebar).