Demi respect the JB boys!

Hey it’s Kimmy. I will be helping out “Demi Central” with Emily. You may know me by running the fansite, “Nick J Online“.

In news, Times of the Internet posted a small article mentioning how Demi recently did an interview and said how she totally respects the Jonas Brothers. Check it out below!

“Demi Lovato Has Respect For The Jonas Brothers” – Times of Internet – Read More

Demi Lovato recently talked about the Jonas brothers, her co-stars in the Disney film Camp Rock.

Ms. Lovato thinks that Nick, Joe and Kevin Jonas are really nice guys. Demi said
“They’ll buy everyone’s dinners when we go out to eat. When I needed a ride home because it was pouring down with rain, I was just
going to walk to the hotel room, but they wanted to make sure that I got there and they drove me in their golf cart. It was just very thoughtful, they were raised very well.”

Camp Rock debuted on the Disney channel last night. The film also stars Meaghan Jette Martin, Alyson Stoner and Julie Brown.

2 Videos!

Demi posted 2 new videos on your Youtube Channel! Check them out below!



Radio Disney Interview

Part 1

Part 2

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Studio DC: Almost Live!

Hey guys! I added some stills from Studio DC: Almost Live! Check them out below!


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