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Gallery Moved By Mistake.

Hey Guys. Right now the gallery is in the wrong place. The url for now is Check out that url to look at pictures for now. I will try to move the gallery back to normal this week.
The Gallery is back to normal.

Bye Bye Erin..

Erin will be leaving Demi Central for different reasons. :[

Say your goodbyes in the comments. Bye Erin. Thanks for everything.

Studio DC: Almost Live!

Hey guys! I added some stills from Studio DC: Almost Live! Check them out below!


Hey guys! I added the Affiliates page. I wanted to tell you if you are not on the page and you are suppose to be please email us at or if you are not on the top please email us! See the page here to see if you are on the affiliates page.

Don’t Forget Songs!

Hey everyone! You can check out all the songs from Don’t Forget on Youtube here!


Don’t Forget & Ellen & More!

Thanks to my friend Lauren and Shine On Media, Demi Central now has more photos from Demi’s “Don’t Forget” Album photoshoot. So check those out.

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Demi Lovato wil make an appearance on the following things:

XM 20 on 20 – Fri, 09/19 @ 3pm ET
It will play throughout the rest of the week – Read More

Radio Disney – Sat, 09/20 @ 7pm ET (4pm PT)
Demi will be talking about her upcoming album and host the “Planet Premiere”!

The Ellen DeGeneres Show – Wed, 10/01 @ check listings (NBC/Warner Bros)
Taping is on Sept. 30th – Get Tickets

Studio DC: Almost Live – Sun, 10/05 @ check listings (Disney Channel)
Selena Gomez will be hosting and Demi Lovato will be performing “This Is Me”.

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