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Demi Lovato is featured on the iTunes Stores under “New Releases“. Yet even better, Demi’s debut album, “Don’t Forget” has made it already to number two on the Tunes Charts for Top Albums. [Thanks Danielle]

Also, Demi Lovato is #2 Most Searched People on! So make sure you keep searching her up! [Thanks Crystal]

Demi Central: Our new location!

Hey Visitors,

I hope this new location is good for you all. We thought the move was best needed so there is less downtime. We are now trying to fix all the pages and such so stay tune! Make sure you GO OUT AND BUY DEMI LOVATO’S CD!

– Kimmy

Demi’s CD “Don’t Forget” in stores now!

Starting today you can go buy Demi Lovato’s cd out in stores now. Go buy a copy or two or five! It’s amazing! Congratulations to Demi on her CD release, we are proud of you and we believe your CD will do good!

From Demi’s Myspace they posted a new blog about her cd:

Tuesday, September 23, 2008
Don’t Forget – IN STORES NOW!!!

Demi’s debut album – ‘Don’t Forget – IS IN STORES NOW!

You can get it wherever you buy music!

Here are the current retailers pricing and what they offer!

iTunes – $9.99 with Digital Album Booklet

Target: $9.99 Standard Edition
$13.98 Deluxe Edition Includes BONUS DVD of a LIVE concert!

Walmart: $13.88 with Exclusive Poster (Limited Edition!)

Amazon.Com: $9.99

And from Jonas Brother’s Myspace as a new blog:

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Category: Music

Hey everyone!

Just wanted to let you know that DEMI LOVATO’s NEW CD is in stores TODAY!!!

We are so proud of our friend. She is an amazing singer and musician.

Also, we want you to know that we were able to co-write and co-produce 6 of the songs on the CD. There is even a duet we can’t wait for you to hear.

Let us know what you think about her music


Kevin, Joe and Nick

Switching Hosts!

Make sure you bookmark, because we have to move hosts. We had over 3,000+ visitors a day and we definitely don’t want to lose anymore people. I know you all hate the downtime and all but we want to make sure everything works. As soon as our move is all complete this site url won’t be working.

Soon as that is all complete, we will be adding a photoshoot of Selena and Demi they did for a teen magazine before. Below is a preview:

In a week or so, please do switch all the names from to Thank you!

New TV Appearance.

According to Demi Lovato Web, Demi Lovato will appear on TV appearance as “Kelly” on Ugly Betty (September 25th at 8pm). So don’t forget to watch it!

Clevver TV talks about Demi Lovato’s album, music video, Camp Rock, and touring with the Jonas Brothers. Make sure you check it out below!

New Albums Demi Lovato ‘Don’t Forget’ Album Preview

From: Joe

Demi Lovato’s New TV Show: Sunny With a Chance!

Just Jared posted an new entry about Demi Lovato to his Celebrity Gossip site.

MON, 22 SEPTEMBER 2008 AT 10:39 PM

Demi Lovato’s upcoming Disney Channel TV show is called Sunny With A Chance, reports Spanish magazine Para Todos.

“It’s about a girl named Sunny having a chance to make it in [show] business,” the 16-year-old Camp Rock star tells the mag. “We filmed the first episode and we will continue to film the series through the next few months.”

Sunny With a Chance is set to air in February or March 2009.

Demi’s debut album, Don’t Forget, is due out in stores TOMORROW, September 23rd. She tells Para Todos that she doesn’t have any big plans to celebrate: “I’m actually going to be working, so I haven’t really planned a party, but I might just have a bunch of people over and have pizza or something.”

And who does she look up to for fashion inspiration? Lindsay Lohan. “I think her style is awesome,” Demi shared. “She’s one of those very fashionable people, so who wouldn’t love her style. I also like Keira Knightley’s style, she has great style.”

Welcome to Mollywood: NEW NAME?

It seems that the name for the new Disney Channel Original Series has changed names again. From names like “Sketch Pad” to “Welcome to Mollywood” to “Welcome to Holliwood” has now changed officially to…

Sunny With A Chance

Demi Lovato will be playing the main character, Sunny. Also joining the cast is a few other Disney Channel Stars you may know are Tiffany Thornton (Hannah Montana as “Becky”), Brandon Smith (Phil of the Future as “Lil Danny”), and Sterling Knight (Hannah Montana as “Lucas). According to, Sunny gets to be in one of her favorite comedy sketch shows (so it’s like a show within a series). It will be coming out February 2009 on Disney Channel!

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