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Demi Lovato’s VMA Performance Track ‘Give Your Heart A Break': The Inside Story
Sep 5 2012 6:53 AM EDT
By Jocelyn Vena

Demi Lovato is set to take the stage during the 2012 MTV Video Music Awards pre-show on Thursday, September 6, and the big-voiced “X Factor” judge will be performing her chart-topping Unbroken single “Give Your Heart a Break.”

The tune and the VMA-nominated video — she’s up for Best Video With A Message — follow Lovato as she convinces her crush he shouldn’t be scared to fall for her. If you ask us, it shouldn’t take that much convincing. Before she performs on Thursday, MTV News got the inside scoop on the song from one of its songwriters, Billy Steinberg.

Steinberg, along with Josh Alexander, met up with Lovato after they had already written the track, without any particular singer attached to it. Once a record exec at Hollywood Records heard their demo, he knew Lovato was the perfect singer for it. “She sang it really well and that’s how it came about,” Steinberg said of the recording session for the track. “We were thrilled that she sang it really well. Sometimes it’s a roll of the dice, you know?

“My partner Josh Alexander … knew her voice a little better than I did, and he felt that she’d do a good job on it,” he further explained. “I didn’t know as much about her.” Once they did meet up, what the trio created was pop gold. “You know, there’s nothing better for a songwriter than writing a good song and having the right singer sing it,” he said.

“I’ll give you another example from my career where I really felt that I got very lucky: when Cyndi Lauper recorded ‘True Colors.’ And, you know, ‘True Colors’ was a ballad and a lot of different people could have sung it, but Cyndi gave it something special, and I’d say the same is true of ‘Give Your Heart a Break,’ ” Steinberg explained. “Whether it was luck or divine guidance or whatever you want to call it, I think the song got in the right hands.”

The song is having a moment long after it was originally released. Not only will Lovato belt it out on the VMA pre-show stage Thursday, but it is currently #1 on the Pop Songs chart on Billboard. It’s been a long haul to get to this point for the song after it was released to radio last December. And Steinberg might know why it took long for pop-music lovers to fall for the track.

“You know, I just think it took a long time for numerous reasons. I think one, it’s not a trendy dance track. It’s kind of almost an old-school song with a verse and a chorus and a bridge. It’s kind of an old-fashioned song. … [And] Demi’s not like Rihanna or somebody who radio programmers see she has a new single and they all add it instantaneously.

“I think for the most part she was fairly unproven at radio and the song wasn’t real trendy … so I think all those things made it take some time,” he continued. “But she does have a devoted following and the fanbase she does have really pushed the song and Hollywood Records did a great job to promote the song. And the fact that it was a great song that was really sung well, it just built up steam. It took time, but it happened.”

With only a little bit of time before she performs the song on the VMA pre-show stage, Steinberg was asked whether he has any advice for the singer. “I don’t really have any advice for her. I think she’s a very capable singer and a very capable performer and sing it from her heart, she does that,” he said. “I think [her voice] has two qualities. It’s a strong voice and an emotional voice. I think one of the nice things about her voice is it’s both … and that’s a wonderful quality.”

The 2012 MTV Video Music Awards are set to go live from Staples Center in Los Angeles on Thursday at 8 p.m. ET/PT. But before it all goes down, don’t miss our “Jersey Shore” special “Gym, Tan, Look Back” at 6 p.m. and our pre-show with Demi Lovato at 7 p.m.! And head over to to vote on Best New Artist and Most Share-Worthy Video!


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Radio stations across the country are preparing for their holiday concerts, such as the Jingle Ball. So recently Q102, Y100 and 93.3 FLZ opened up their polls asking fans who they want to perform at this year’s show, and so far all three say Demi Lovato! She is ruling both polls with fans asking for her to come out and sing on their stages as a real holiday treat. You can vote for her at all three websites for the radio stations, if you live in those towns (or around there). They also list other singers or bands that you can vote for, if Demi’s is not your cup of tea. As for when the concerts will take place, that is still too early to tell.

I am so happy for Demi! That is a huge news for her and once again shows that her fan base is there for her. However, I know she is busy and I am not sure how much free time she will have when the holidays roll around. So it is something I am not sure if it could happen, even though I am sure Demi would love to do the shows. Hopefully time will prove me wrong, but I do think it is safe to say that One Direction has a good chance at being picked as well.

How do you feel about this news? Should Demi do these holiday shows or not? I cannot say either way, but it would be nice if she could. However, I wouldn’t be shocked if they still do come up with an impressive lineup regardless if Demi does or does not join. I could easily see Carly Rae Jepsen or Justin Bieber, but I do suspect that at least one show will have One Direction join. It seems like whoever is popular earlier in the year gets the gig, which would mean One Direction is set for it with ease.


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Demi Lovato is in talks to be the new face of Topshop, which is due to open a store in The Grove, Los Angeles.

Demi Lovato is set to be the new face of Topshop.

The 19-year-old star is in talks to be the new covergirl of the British retailer when the company opens a store in The Grove, Los Angeles, at the old site of Banana Republic.

A source told Hollyscoop: ”Demi is a huge fan of the brand, but nothing has become official quite yet.

”Demi Lovato is in negotiations to be the new face of Topshop, which is also known as Topman. It is a British couture clothing store that is coming to the US now.

”They are opening up a shop in The Grove, where Banana Republic used to be. They really want Demi and she has already sat down to go over figures.”

Kate Moss has previously modelled for Topshop – which has a spin-off brand called Topman, which caters for male customers and is now run as a separate chain – but the company has never used a celebrity as the face of their brand.

Demi has an ideal platform to be seen in Topshop clothing as she is currently a judge on US ‘X Factor’ – alongside Britney Spears, Simon Cowell and L.A. Reid – a position she took up in May this year.


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Miley Cyrus and Selena Gomez are both well-known stars whose careers have extended from television to music to film. Demi Lovato falls in under the same league but unlike Miley and Selena, Demi had far worse problems to deal with. Now, with a clean slate and a career on an all-time high, what is keeping the “X-Factor” judge busy?

Demi Lovato’s career skyrocketed with her debut release of “Unbroken”. The hit single “Skyscraper” gave both Demi’s fans and haters an idea of all the drama she had undergone through the past years. Thankfully, Demi has moved on from the drama and gone from dashing to diva in months.

If Selena Gomez has her movies, Demi Lovato on the other hand has “X-Factor” to keep her busy and an alleged British boyfriend from One Direction. Things are pretty much perfect for Demi as of now but the singer did admit she’s still undergoing treatment and everything is still far from perfect.

“It’s been an up-and-down roller coaster,” explained Demi, adding, “It hasn’t been totally perfect since I got out of treatment, and I’d be lying if I told you that it has. But at this moment right now, and for a while now, it’s been smooth sailing. I feel like I’m just cruising and having a really amazing time in life,” she gushed. “I wouldn’t have been able to make it through a summer tour while hosting the Teen Choice Awards and doing ‘X Factor’ at the same time if I wasn’t in a healthy state of mind. I don’t really necessarily have an update, but I think that kind of proves itself.”

“It used to feel like a lot of pressure because I wasn’t really honest with everyone. I feel like it’s not a lot of pressure when you’re just being yourself and you’re telling the truth about things,” added Demi.

“I had issues that I was dealing with in privacy, and I was doing things that normal teenagers go through. But I definitely didn’t feel like a role model at the time. Now that I’ve talked about the issues that I’ve dealt with, I feel that I’ve been very honest and open. When people still call me an inspiration after that, I don’t feel pressured at all,” she added.

“I really am just being myself with everyone, and when people accept me for who I am, it feels really, really great.”


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X Factor judge Demi Lovato has been rumored to be One Direction star Harry Styles since he’s been working in the US and they have both recently commented on what they think of each other with Demi branding him as ‘awsome’ and Niall admiting he thinks she’s hotter than Kim Kardashian.

So it’s no surprise that Niall has reportedly considered moving to the US to spend more time with the judge but it seems Demi isn’t so keen on the thought of a relationship with the teen hearthrob. The singer spoke about her relationship with Niall in a promo video for the X Factor auditions in Providence, Rhodes Island saying; “No, I’m not [with him]. He’s really sweet and he’s one of my really good friends now.

She added: “But I’m single at the moment and I plan to be for a long time because I need to focus on my career and myself and my wellbeing before I think about getting in a relationship with anyone.”

She also mentioned that working on the X Factor has messed with her emotionally,

“It’s just really confusing. But it is everything that I expected and more, with having fun and just bonding with the cast and everything. Like, everyone’s so sweet and awesome and the crew’s amazing, so I’m having a lot of fun.”

When asked if being a judge is what she’d expected the star replied;

“I mean, one, I definitely didn’t think that it would be this challenging because saying no to people is really hard and emotionally it kind of messes with you a little bit ’cause you don’t want to say no to some people, and then some people you’re torn and you know in the back of your mind that if you say no, what if that was their only shot and you let them go when they weren’t really that bad?

It seems Demi’s emotions are all over the place at the minute and the tempatation of the 1D sensation isn’t helping. But could Niall and Demi get it together and make a happy couple? We’d like to think so.


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Sat 23 Jun 2012
Written by Chris Younie

There’s been all kinds of rumours surrounding the relationship between X Factor USA judge Demi Lovato and One Direction hunk Niall Horan, but it seems as though the pair are “just friends”.

Demi broke her silence on the issue whilst chatting to American radio station B104.

When asked about Niall, she replied: “I don’t even know who One Direction is”.

Luckily, she was only joking and went on to explain their relationship.

“I’m kidding,” she said. “Niall is a friend of mine. I do know who he is. We’re just friends and he’s awesome. He’s cool.”

It was only earlier this week that we learnt Niall had been hanging out with Demi and her family, so do we believe this that they are indeed “just friends”?

For the time being, girls all over the world can breathe a sigh of relief because it looks as though Niall is still single… We think there could well be a blossoming relationship here though. Let us know what you think in the comments below.


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Demi Lovato took a major shine to an X Factor contestant in Kansas City on Friday, gushing that his audition made her “feel giddy.”

“That (performance) totally made me want to make out with you,” the former Sonny with a Chance star, 19, said during filming.

“We should get together and meditate. That made me giddy and I haven’t been giddy for a while.”

A source on the set of the hit Fox show told Celebuzz: “Demi loved this guy. She couldn’t stop saying how cute he has. L.A. Reid joked afterwards that he should leave his number.”

Auditions for the The X Factor are continuing through the weekend without Simon Cowell, who has bronchitis.


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Does Demi Lovato really want to collaborate with One Direction?

Oh please, let this be true! Two of our favorites combining forces can only mean some beautiful music together.

Demi copped to her dream collaboration during a recent Q&A session (video below VIDEO ABOVE), where she was asked who she would like to work with.

Find out how to win a pair of Demi Lovato concert tickets!

She, of course, mentioned one of her idols, Kelly Clarkson, but also noted the boy band 1D on her list.

Of course, there are plenty of connections that could make a Demi and One Direction duet happen–after all, Demi’s new X Factor boss Simon Cowell is the mastermind that put the 1D guys together.

It’s also fun to note that Demi admitted to crushing on One Direction’s Niall Horan, who she called “so adorable”… aw!

Somebody make this Demi/1D collaboration happen!


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Celebrity News April 10, 2012 AT 6:23PM
By Zach Johnson

Demi Lovato and Joe Jonas are back together . . . on behalf of Acuvue’s 1-Day Starts Today contest.

The former Disney Channel stars, who dated for several months in 2010, joined Allyson Felix, 26, Meaghan Martin, 20, and Tyler Blackburn, 25, to film promos for the brand at a private residence in Malibu on February 8. Before the shoot, Lovato, 19, denied internet reports she was rekindling the flame with her ex Jonas, 22.

“We’ve been really good friends for so long. So it’s been cool hanging out with him again,” Lovato told Us Weekly, confirming that “nothing romantic” was happening. “I didn’t even know that was a rumor!”

Lovato was excited to team up with Martin, who played her arch nemesis in the Camp Rock movies. “It’s cool because we’ve gotten to work together before, and now we’re working together again. It’s kind of like a reunion,” she said. “So it’s nice. It’s really fun.”

Jonas added: “I’ve been lucky to be able to work with a lot of great people in my life, two of whom are Demi and Meaghan. . . It’s been a while since I’ve seen them.”
“We’ve all been kind of on different paths, but I see them at award shows and things like that,” Jonas told Us. “And any time we see them, it’s like family reunion. We have catch-up time and reminisce.”

The five stars will mentor the winners of Acuvue’s 1-Day Starts Today contest, which asks users to upload a one-minute YouTube video revealing their secret hopes and dreams. “I’ve never really mentored anybody before other than like my little sister, so it’s going to be exciting,” Lovato said.

Pretty Little Liars star Blackburn added: “It’s exciting that I’m going to be able to see somebody experience a taste of what they want to do with their lives. . . if I was 15 or 16 and that happened to me, I would be beside myself. The fact that I can actual lend a hand [in making someone’s dream come true] is so fun.”


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Feb 16 2012 1:33 PM EST

Demi Lovato can’t seem to escape rumors that she is back in rehab. In the wake of those reports, MTV News has confirmed that she is not.

“She’s not in rehab,” a rep for Lovato said, adding that any rumors that the singer/actress skipped the Grammy Awards to seek treatment are also untrue. “She was not supposed to present at the Grammys.”

Sources close to Lovato shed some more light on what she is up to, after she tweeted last week, “Away on a mind and body cleansing retreat!! This is exciting. Won’t be tweeting much this week but I love you my sweet lovatics!”

“Demi had a week off between work commitments and made the personal decision to spend the week with the professional support team she assembled to help her with her ongoing physical and emotional issues.

The trip was previously planned,” the source told MTV News, adding that while Lovato is taking some time for herself, “Demi’s recovery is an ongoing battle. She understands that there will be ups and downs, but is fully committed to working with her team every single day towards a healthy future.”

Lovato entered treatment for a number of personal issues in November 2010, remaining until January 2011. Since leaving, she has focused on her music career, including her 2011 album, Unbroken, which launched her empowering hit single “Skyscraper.” She has become a voice for young people struggling with personal issues. In December, Lovato spoke to patients at the Timberline Knolls Residential Treatment Center, where she had received treatment.

“To be able to share my story and let them know that it gets easier … Life is beautiful … you are worthy of it,” Lovato said. “Please say a prayer for all of those struggling with eating disorders, self-harm, mood disorders and substance abuse.”


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Today 12:47 PM PST by GINA SERPE

Bad time to take a Twitter break. Or maybe that’s the reason for the online respite?

A day after Demi Lovato temporarily peaced out of the social media site, telling followers that she gets herself into too much trouble by tweeting, speculation began that the reason for her break may be down to rumors that the teen superstar hit a fork in her road to recovery.

Reports quickly gained traction that Lovato had checked herself back into rehab, this time at a Malibu treatment center to deal with substance abuse issues. So much for staying anonymous.

But is it true? Is Demi really back in rehab? Don’t go breaking out the 12-step book just yet, because this rumor is…


The totally unfounded rumor, first floated by Blind Gossip earlier this month, didn’t start making the rounds until this week, probably because Lovato wasn’t around online to shut them down.

And true to her word, Demi didn’t condescend to break her self-imposed Twitter ban, and instead left the denial duties to those around her.

“All the treatment rumors are utterly false,” her rep told E! News.

Last night, her Sonny With a Chance costar Tiffany Thornton also defended her pal’s honor, tweeting out, “I will tell you FOR SURE that they are wrong.”

On second thought, if these are the types of rumors making the rounds online, Demi couldn’t have picked a better time to stay away.


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7.40 PM EST 01.04.2012

Selena Gomez wrote a heartfelt note to her BFF Demi Lovato that was read out loud at Demi’s ‘Seventeen’ magazine cover luncheon in Hollywood Jan. 4

Selena Gomez and Demi Lovato have been best friends since they were seven years old and auditioning for Barney in Texas. Now, nearly a decade later, the girls have been through their ups and downs, but remain close. In fact, Selena even wrote a revealing note dedicated to her friend, which was read to everyone at Demi’s luncheon celebration for her February Seventeen magazine cover.

Here is what the 19-year-old former Disney starlet said:

Demi, first I want to say that I am sorry that I cant be here with you today, but I just want to say first how proud I am of you. Knowing you since we were seven and watching you become the person you are is truly amazing.

I was there when you sang in front of 10 people knowing all of the words to your songs and I was there when you sang in front of 14,000 people, still knowing all of your songs. You have something that you know has been hard for me to have at times. You have courage — courage to want to change to be better for yourself.

The amount of respect that I have for you is indescribable. You have gone through one of the hardest chapters in your life and I praise you for wanting to share that journey and walk away from it all as a better person. Thank you for trusting me and wanting me there during that hard time. I hope you know how much I love you and how proud I am of the role model that you have become.

Last year, Demi was admitted into rehab for emotional and physical issues and has said Selena was one of the only people who stood by her side, supporting her. Are you surprised Selena admitted Demi is more courageous than she is? Do you think they’ll be friends forever after going through this?


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