Demi Lovato Will Feature On The Vamps’ New Single “Somebody To You”

Demi Lovato is so charitable. The 21-year-old made room for British pop diva Cher Lloyd on new single “Really Don’t Care” and now lends her epic vocals to The Vamps‘ new single “Somebody To You”. The tantalizing duet will debut on Capital FM this Sunday (May 18) and will, no doubt, help the boys secure their first US hit.

The original version of “Somebody To You” is one of the many highlights on the band’s debut LP Meet The Vamps, which reached number two in the UK. It’s a super-catchy pop/rock anthem with a distinctly romantic twist. There’s no word yet if new lyrics were written for Demi or if she simply sings an existing verse but it’s easy to imagine her on the track.


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