ARTICLE: ‘X Factor’ Judge Demi Lovato to Appear in ‘Glee’ Season 5

Demi Lovato will be pulling double musical duties for FOX in the fall when she appears on the network as a judge for The X Factor and as Rachel Berry’s friend on Glee.

Adam Lambert all but confirmed the news in a tweet to Lovato: “I just heard the news! Excited to sing w you girl!” But then he fired off another tweet: “*IF the rumors are true! Lol.”

According to TVLine, we’ll see Lovato in at least six episode on Glee, starting October 3, which is the second of two episodes that pay tribute to The Beatles. She’ll play Dani, a struggling artist friend of Rachel and Santana. She’ll have frequent scenes with another guest star who’s no stranger to FOX — Adam Lambert of American Idol fame. His character is also based in New York City and will be Kurt’s enemy.

At the very least, her and Lambert’s characters should give some more life into the New York world of the show, which felt underdeveloped and underwhelming last season.

Lovato has been focusing on her music career, and Glee will be her first acting gig since her Disney Channel show Sonny with a Chance ended two years ago.

How will Lovato be appearing on two shows at the same time, especially when one — The X Factor — is eventually taped live? Glee will be working around her schedule on the singing competition. Anyone else think the time she spends on the Glee set could be used to, I don’t know, work with her X Factor singers?


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  1. Wow somehow i beelvie that brittany might be a legend but she couldnt possibly be a good judge if she walks off and states that she took a break if someone does replace her let it be someone good and not someone thats very mean like she is i think that it might take some stress off caus their is hopeful people and she crashed their dreams.brittany your good for singing and dancingbut not the judging thats something that somin cowell made a mistake on and everyone else that agreed call me a hater but im stating the facts and almost everyone can agree that she might be a legend but she might turn out to be another Nicole sorry brittany but if you wanna get some actual good people to like you CHANGE YOUR ATTITUDE or your best walking off the stage and NEVER COMING BACK!!!!! and i dont care if people call me a hater this is my only time eing on this site soo who ever dont like this i dont care cause i wont be back on!! cause this is only a one comment thing so buh byee!! and goood luck to all yall people that ACTUALLY LIKE BRITTANY CAUSE SHE AINT A GOOD JUDGE SURE SHE CAN SING AND DANCE BUT SHE AINT A GOOD JUGE SO ONCE AGAIN BUH BYEE AND NOBODY EVEN GETS ON HERE TO THE PERSON THAT MADE THAT CATALOGSO THAT WAS POINTLESS GOOD INFO BUT AS FOR COMMENTS POINTLESS THIS IS GOING TO BE PROBABLY YOUR ONLY COMMENT SO YOU REALLY STUNK ON THAT ONE GOOD LUCK WITH YOUR LIFE CAUSE IF NOBODY COMMENTED YET EVEN THOUGH LIKE A THOUSAND PPL ARE LOOKING AT WHATS GONNA HAPPEN TO BRITTANY THEY ARENT LOOKING AT THIS GOOD LUCK!! BUH BYEE AND DONT ADD ANYMORE STUFF CAUSE IF THEY DIDNT LOOK AT THIS THEY WONT LOOK AT OTHER POST!!!!!!BYEE FOREVER AND ONCE AGAIN STATED I DONT CARE CALL ME A HATER BUT THIS IS A ONE TIME THING SO BBBBBBYYYYEEE

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