ARTICLE: Demi Lovato Sets Up Scholarship To Honor Late Father

Demi Lovato shows off her glam side in these new outtakes from her August 2013 cover story for Fashion magazine.

The 20-year-old singer recently dished to EOnline about setting up a scholarship fund in honor of her late father, Patrick, who passed away just last month. The Lovato Treatment Scholarship, which will help provide services to those with mental illness and seeking treatment.

“My dad suffered from mental illnesses…He was suffering so bad that he couldn’t function in society normally and he couldn’t get the help that he needed. So, when he passed away, I thought myself, ‘I wish there was something I could have done,’ and now, because he’s passed away, I felt like it was too late and then I realized, ‘Actually, it’s not too late.’ He wasn’t a bad person, I didn’t have the best relationship with him and for so many years I was mad at him, but when he passed away I realized none of it was even his fault. He had mental illnesses,” she shared.

Demi added, “So I partnered with Cast Recovery and together we are forming this foundation called The Lovato Treatment Scholarship and that’s where me and Cast Recovery are teaming up to provide the services that one person will need to get through treatment. Because treatment is actually very, very expensive. And whether it’s rehab or in-patient, out-patient—whatever it is—I wanna be there providing that service because I didn’t get the chance to do it with my dad and I wanna make it up to him now that he’s looking over me.”


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