Demi’s SiriusXM Hits Twitter Q&A on May 14, 2013

Q: do you miss being with pink hair or blue?
Demi: I miss my pink hair!!

Q: what is your favorite song at the moment?
Demi: The Way – Ariana Grande

Q: what’s the biggest difference between Unbroken and DEMI?
Demi: More honesty and better songs!!!

Q: Any plans of recording a song with fifth harmony??
Demi: I would love to!!

Q: If you had to eat just one thing for the rest of your life – what would it be? :D

Q: what was the funniest thing that happened on the recording of her album #DEMI ??
Demi: stepping on my broken foot because I got SO into recording a song!!!

Q: what is your favorite song of DEMI?
Demi: Nightingale and Made in the USA!

Q: do you like Lea Michele?
Demi: LOVE HER! :)

Q: who was your first celebrity crush?
Demi: Leo DiCaprio……. in Kindergarten…….. haha

Q: comedy or horror movies?
Demi: Horror movies DUH!

Q: Other than Heart Attack & MITUSA which song would you like as a single?
Demi: Which ever ones you push for most!!!

Q: how did your tits grow up so fast give me some tips
Demi: I’m still looking for them…. :|

Q: if u realy had to take a crap &could only go to a gas station w/no bathroom door or strangers house which 1?7
Demi: Ladies don’t poop. ;)

Q: if you were in a island and you just can take 3 things with you, what would be?
Demi: Gas, private jet, runway

Q: are you satisfied from this record? It’s already going so well!
Demi: I’m VERY happy :D

Q: would u rather smell like feet or onions?
Demi: onions!! GROSS!

Q: demi if you could be anything for one day, what would you be?
Demi: Queen Elizabeth

Q: what your most annoying habit ?
Demi: picking at my face!

Q: How are you today:)? This is your year to shine:)
Demi: I’m great.. this is OUR year to shine!! #lovatics

Q: are u lesbian for your lovatics? Cuz we are
Demi: totally.

Demi: no way silly head!

Q: did you ever think about visiting israel? and Jerusalem? its a country with MANY lovatics
Demi: I would absolutely LOVE TO!!!

Q: do you hate it when people ask you about your love life?
Demi: yes :(

Q: what the lovatics mean to you? i’m very proud of you my princess, i love you so much

Q: what’s your favorite justin timberlake’s song?
Demi: Senorita!

Q: if you could say something about ” MADE IN THE USA” what would you wanna say?
Demi: it’s a little bit country. I love it

Q: what’s the most meaningful song to you on ‘Demi’
Demi: Warrior

Q: Will you and @nickjonas work together again????
Demi: I want to! He’s one of my best friends. So talented.

Q: Do you know that Norway exist?
Demi: NOR WAY!!!

Demi: HA! Bowl of cereal!

Q: To all the people with problems, which song from DEMI you’d tell them to hear??
Demi: Warrior!!!!

Gotta go, love you ALL!!!! :D #DEMI OUT TODAY!!!!


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