ARTICLE: Demi Lovato ‘Made It’ With An ‘Army’ Of Fans: Watch A Sneak Peek!

‘Knowing that I have an army of millions of people behind me is pretty incredible,’ Demi reflects on Saturday’s episode of ‘This Is How I Made It.’
It’s been quite the roller-coaster ride for Demi Lovato the last two years. After sky-rocketing to fame on the Disney channel and becoming one of the network’s shining stars, the singer/actress’ personal life became the subject of many a headline when she went to rehab in October 2010.

The multi-hyphenate performer entered treatment for a number of body and emotional issues, and she reveals in the latest episode of MTV’s “This Is How I Made It,” airing Saturday at noon, that the experience has left her forever changed.

“I’ve learned so much about myself since my experience in rehab,” Demi says. “I had to learn that if I do want to live this healthy lifestyle, I have to work for it just as hard, if not harder, than my career.”

After leaving a treatment facility months later in January 2011, the singer was faced with having to stage the next step of her career. And, as she shares, it wasn’t an easy path back to superstardom. Lovato recalls having to consider her options, even going so far as stepping away from her TV show, “Sonny With a Chance,” to put herself first.

“I had to take a break for a while and figure out what I was gonna do with my life,” she says. “I was really contemplating like, ‘Do I really want to go back into the spotlight?’ I even quit my TV show because I knew that going back on camera would be way too much pressure for someone that’s trying to get over serious body-image issues. It was a decision that was so hard to make but I still put my recovery first.”

Now, it seems she’s managed to find a balance. Her thriving music career includes the chart-topping “Give Your Heart a Break”, a Moonman for Best Video With a Message at the 2012 VMAs and a spot on the current season of “X Factor,” where she’s become a standout judge.

With all of that going on, she even found time to add more ink to her growing roster of tats. For Demi, the last few months have been the real game-changer. “I’ve had the most incredible year this year,” she says. “It was really kind of crazy ’cause at the beginning of the year, I was a little frustrated. I was like, ‘You know, I’ve worked really hard and I want to be at a different level.’ ”

As with any good comeback story, there was a turning point. And Lovato’s came shortly after her MTV documentary, “Stay Strong,” aired. She says, “About 10 days later, I got the phone call that asked me if I would be interested in being a judge on the ‘X Factor.’ It’s totally God telling me, ‘It’s time,’ and I really need to stay healthy and focused.

“I worked really hard and took advantage of every opportunity that I had … I’ve never in a hundred million zillion years thought that I would be able to sit here and tell you all this happened within the past 8 months,” she added.

In the end, Demi says she has her Lovatics to thank for always sticking by her through the ups and the downs. “My fans have been a huge inspiration to me and the support that they’ve given me has helped me through this entire experience of trying to become healthy and succeed at the same time,” she explains. “Knowing that I have an army of millions of people behind me is pretty incredible. It’s a really amazing feeling like the hard work has finally paid off and I’m so thankful and grateful for it.”

You’ll have to tune in on Saturday to find out what else 20-year-old Demi had to say about her rise from Disney princess to superstar.


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