ARTICLE/VIDEO: Demi Lovato & L.A. Reid Video Q&A

Demi Lovato didn’t pull any punches when the “desert island question” was popped at last week’s Billboard Film & TV Music Conference in L.A., choosing Britney Spears over fellow “X Factor” judge Simon Cowell. “Simon would be the biggest diva on the frisking island,” she jokingly jabbed. “And he’d die within a couple years anyway because he’s so old. I mean, he’s only got a couple years left in him anyway, so…”

Joined by her “X Factor” co-star L.A. Reid in a chat with Billboard editorial director Bill Werde, the “Give Your Heart a Break” singer opened up about her journey from Disney kid to a bonafide pop star. “I don’t know how I did it, honestly. I’m open with issues, which makes me relatable,” she said. “I never did the whole sexy route. I just don’t feel comfortable onstage in risque clothes.”

While discussing their show, Lovato and Reid offered some advice to future contestants. “If you’re going to be there, you’d better be great. If [you’re] great, [you’d] better be great in the first 30 seconds,” the Epic Records chairman and CEO said. Lovato has a shorter fuse, saying “If they don’t grab me in 10 seconds, I think, ‘Done.'”

Part 1

2:45 — Britney or Simon? Who would L.A. and Demi rather be stuck on a desert island with?
4:55 – Demi discusses the importance of film & TV in her career: “I can’t remember the last music video I really watched.”
6:50 – L.A. on why the decline of music sales has been a “blessing in disguise” to the industry
8:54: Demi on the “15 years of knowledge” she’s gained and why she keeps her film and TV careers separate.
11:30 — L.A. discusses the danger of “celebrity” and recalls career advice from Bootsy Collins: “Never read your own press”

Part 2

0:45 – L.A. on discovering new material: “If it’s great, it had better be great in the first 30 seconds.”
4:46: Demi reveals the “X Factor” contestant who made the best first impression.
7:00 – What adults have over the kids: “The adults have a bag of tricks. They know how to give it their best shot.”
8:28 – L.A. on improving the relationship between music & film: “I would love for the music to be considered earlier in the process.”

Part 3

1:00 – L.A. on publishers/songwriters finding unique ways to deliver potential hits: “If you’re as talented as you believe you are, then you probably are as equally creative.”
3:10 – LA on developing style: “You don’t have a style until you have a song that people love.”
5:07 – Demi reflects on her artistic choices: “I never did the whole sexy route. I just don’t feel comfortable onstage in risque clothes.”
6:49 – Demi discusses the “blessing and curse” of fame and having her personal issues made public
8:00 – L.A. reveals missed career opportunities: “I don’t know why I didn’t think of Beats [headphones].”


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