ARTICLE: Demi Lovato Jingle Ball Wish List

Radio stations across the country are preparing for their holiday concerts, such as the Jingle Ball. So recently Q102, Y100 and 93.3 FLZ opened up their polls asking fans who they want to perform at this year’s show, and so far all three say Demi Lovato! She is ruling both polls with fans asking for her to come out and sing on their stages as a real holiday treat. You can vote for her at all three websites for the radio stations, if you live in those towns (or around there). They also list other singers or bands that you can vote for, if Demi’s is not your cup of tea. As for when the concerts will take place, that is still too early to tell.

I am so happy for Demi! That is a huge news for her and once again shows that her fan base is there for her. However, I know she is busy and I am not sure how much free time she will have when the holidays roll around. So it is something I am not sure if it could happen, even though I am sure Demi would love to do the shows. Hopefully time will prove me wrong, but I do think it is safe to say that One Direction has a good chance at being picked as well.

How do you feel about this news? Should Demi do these holiday shows or not? I cannot say either way, but it would be nice if she could. However, I wouldn’t be shocked if they still do come up with an impressive lineup regardless if Demi does or does not join. I could easily see Carly Rae Jepsen or Justin Bieber, but I do suspect that at least one show will have One Direction join. It seems like whoever is popular earlier in the year gets the gig, which would mean One Direction is set for it with ease.


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