ARTICLE: The Super-Pricey Item Demi Lovato Bought But Never Wore

The paparazzi aren’t just a nuisance for Demi Lovato, they’re also costing her money — literally!

The X-Factor star dishes to Self magazine about what happens when she’s followed by photogs while shopping. “When there’s a camera taking pictures of me I get so distracted,” the August cover girl tells the magazine. “I end up buying things that are really too expensive.”

Something that she planned to splurge on that turned out to be a waste? Gucci boots on her sixteenth birthday. “I was at the mall and was like, ‘You know what, I worked really hard this year. I haven’t really ever bought an expensive pair of shoes before. I’m going to go for it,’” the star explains. But she added: “So I purchased them and I never wore them once.”

The young starlet, who has struggled with body issues in the past, also reveals how her confidence has changed throughout the years. “I used to feel my most beautiful when I was on the red carpet or at events or something where I’m all dolled up,” she admits. “Now it’s when I’m able to hang out with a guy without my makeup on or lay on the beach with no makeup on and not even worrying about what my hair…When I’m confident enough to show myself without makeup on, that’s when I feel my most confident.”

For more of Lovato’s interview pick up the August issue of Self.


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