ARTICLE: Demi Lovato Concert Recaps From the Demi-A-Day Winners!

Our Demi-A-Day Giveaway is halfway over, so we decided to check in with our first set of concert winners to find out firsthand what winning Demi Lovato concert tickets is really like.

6/22 Holmdel NJ: Vanesha – “I had never been so excited to get a random LA phone call in my life. Haha, the concert was incredible! I loved when she performed ‘La La Land’ and the crowd was hyped when she sang covers by Lil Wayne & Chris Brown too.”

6/30 Uncasville CT: Karina, our winner, ended up not being able to go, but she made sure her tickets went to another Demi fan. “The girl started crying tears of happiness because she received tickets from me. She later went to the concert and said she loved it and that it was one of the best concerts she had ever been to. I’m happy that I got to help someone that was struggling.”

7/1 Canandaigua NY: Haley – “No words can describe how excited I was to hear the news. I screamed, danced around my room, and my heart raced. The warm up band, Hot Chelle Rae, was amazing live. Finally we hear instrumentals and see lights. This is it. She rose from beneath the stage and I went nuts! I screamed my head off and sang every word she was singing. When the piano came out, I could feel the tears forming. ‘Skyscraper’ has saved my life over and over again and to actually hear it sung live had me fighting back tears. She was flawless and if you ask me, it was the best version of the song I’ve heard yet. Thank you Demi Lovato and Cambio for giving me the best night of my life, and helping my dream come true. From the bottom of my heart, thank you. Stay Strong <3" 7/5 Boston, MA: Michael – “The concert was amazing, it was great seeing my idol and my hero who helped me through some really hard things. I sang every song last night and tonight as I write this letter my voice is sore. When Demi came on I had my camera ready and took over 200 photos. I really liked that Demi sang songs from all over her albums as well as a cover of Chris Brown’s ‘Turn Up The Music.’ ‘Skyscraper’ was the hardest part of the night for me because when she sang that song I had tears in my eyes. As I looked around I saw all the Demi fans with smiles on their faces, singing her songs and wearing her merchandise. This is something that is going to stick with me forever. And to give credit to the opening band Hot Chelle Rae–they were awesome as well, they got the fans ready by singing their hits like ‘Whatever,’ ‘Tonight,’ ‘Downtown Girl,’ etc. So all and all it was not just a great night it was AMAZINNNNGGGG!!!!!!!!!!!”

Off stage Demi is busy cracking us up. Check out what she has to say about her bud Niall Horan: “All he does is eat in front of the camera” on Skype. Click here for more.


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