ARTICLE/PHOTOS: Demi Lovato: X Factor in Texas!

THU, 24 MAY 2012 AT 8:30 PM

Demi Lovato is beaming and bright as she arrives at the first round of X Factor auditions held at the Erwin Center in Austin, Texas on Thursday afternoon (May 24).

The 19-year-old actress pulled up her blonde locks into a chic bun and wore a hot neon Topshop “Pacific” zip front dress. So cute!

“I’m so excited for the auditions today!!!! It’s my first day… woo hoo!! Who’s coming??!!! #XFACTORUSA” Demi tweeted excitedly.

She added, “Austin auditions today…. back in my home state… Texas are you ready??!! :D”

WILL YOU BE auditioning for X Factor?

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2012 – X Factor Auditions at Erwin Center in Austin, TX – 5/24

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