ARTICLE: Demi Lovato Thrilled for Fourth Album

Demi Lovato can’t wait to begin writing for her fourth album, and she took to her favorite medium, Twitter, to announce it to the world.

Lovato, who just released a much anticipated video for ‘Give Your Heart a Break,’ is already planning her next project. She promises the effort will be deep and personal, possibly reflective of her tumultuous past year.

Lovato recently admitted she was initially embarrassed to talk about her myriad problems publicly, but this tweet promises candor in her upcoming songs.

While she insists she won’t hold back on her fourth release, she also got pretty personal on her third album, ‘Skyscraper.’ The title track reflects her struggles in and after treatment, while ‘Give Your Heart a Break’ tells a bit about her love life.

“I think that’s the reason I sing about love so often in the music I make,” Lovato mused. “Love goes right, love goes wrong. I’ve sung about loving someone so much that it takes your breath away. I’ve sung about the love you can find chasing your dreams and what it’s like to finally achieve that.”

Lovato’s progress and admitted regressions were captured in her ‘Stay Strong‘ documentary, in which she admitted to cutting herself and throwing up since treatment. We love how open she is about her life, because it enables her Lovatics to relate to her. We bet they can’t wait to hear her new songs!

Source: Pop Crush

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