Demi Lovato is a believer in the paranormal, which means she was the perfect target for a ‘Punk’d’ prank involving ghosts in her recording studio. MTV has released a clip of Lovato’s episode of ‘Punk’d,’ which airs in its entirety next Thursday at 10PM ET.

“This is my episode of ‘Punk’,’ baby!,” exclaims Nick Cannon, who serves as guest host for this episode. His Lovato prank involves the help of Alex and Jack from All Time Low. Lovato and friends are working on a song in a studio when strange things begin happening.

First, she hears unexplained breathing on the playback. Then, Demi and her team freak out when they see a ghostly image of a woman sitting at the piano. Lovato told MTV, “I’m a sucker for, like, ghosts and aliens and stuff like that, so they got me pretty good.”

Lovato admitted she worried that creator Ashton Kutcher might target her if Punk’d ever came back on the air. “I always wondered if it was gonna come back around, and if it did, if I would be one of them,” she said. “For years, if someone was rude to me in the gas station, I’d be like, ‘Where’s Ashton?’”

Also receiving the ‘Punk’d’ treatment next week is singer-actress Ashley Tisdale, who is tricked into thinking the car she’s riding in ran over a pedestrian.


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