Unbroken Japanese Deluxe Edition Bonus Song: “Aftershock”

Demi Lovato‘s new song ‘Aftershock’ has leaked on the web, and fans won’t be disappointed. The song appears on the Japanese deluxe version of ‘Unbroken.’

In ‘Aftershock,’ Lovato offers fans an uptempo pop track that’s as fun to listen to as it is to sing along. Here, the 19-year-old tackles the feeling of being completely overwhelmed by a new crush. The emotions are so intense that she’s physically affected.

She sings: “Lovestruck / My heart is overheating and it won’t stop / I try to slow the beating, but you’re so hot / The tremors keep repeating and I tell myself keep breathing / But I’m caught in your aftershock.”

The song is embellished by heavy beats and synths, but Lovato’s powerful voice holds its own over the track. The former Disney star showcases her vocal ability with impressive runs, and is able to master the potentially tongue-twisting lyrics of the spirited tune. We’re sure people will be blasting this song all throughout the summer.

‘Aftershock’ is one of three bonus offerings on the Japanese CD/DVD version of ‘Unbroken,’ which was released on March 21. ‘Rascacielo’ and ‘Yes I Am’ are also included on the special edition, which fans may be able to get their hands on via Amazon.com.

Source: Pop Crush

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