Demi Lovato Talks About 2012 Plans for Music & Touring

Demi Lovato recently talked to ProFM about her new single “Give Your Heart A Break”, along with other topics in the short interview. Things like who she worked with and her future plans for the year were all touched upon, giving her a much needed break from her troubled past. It was short, only about two minutes as a whole or at least what was filmed was that short and was divided into two videos. The video only shows just a radio-but at least we can still enjoy the lovely interview. You will find both videos down below.

I am so happy that she was able to just talk about her music. It was a nice break for her and her fans alike. I do like the fact that they asked her about her next single, since this one seems to have been out for a while now. But I cannot blame her for focusing on this one at hand. It might be best for her to do it that way, but I do hope she releases another single soon enough since we all love her music and want more.

Do you like her plans or do you think she should plan a little ahead of time? I think taking one day at a time is good for her and her latest single is still doing strongly so she should ride on that wave. But it isn’t too soon to start planning her next single to help follow the success of her first two from Unbroken. She could test songs out in her concerts and see which ones do well over her fan base, that way she can test the waters to know what will be her next big hit. I am sure Hollywood Records and Demi both want to have another success for her, so I have no doubt that they should start considering it at the very least.

Source: BSC Kids

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