ARTICLE: Demi Lovato Gets Punk’d by Nick Cannon and All Time Low

Demi Lovato is among the many victims of the upcoming season of ‘Punk’d,’ and while she’s not revealing everything that went down, the 19-year-old is sharing a few tidbits of what’s in store.

During her ‘Stay Strong’ interview with SuChin Pak, Demi talks about who pulled a fast one on her. “Well, it was actually Nick Cannon … and he got my friends Alex [Gaskarth] and Jack [Barakat] from All Time Low and they put this scenario together — which I’m not going to tell you about because you have to watch it — but they punked me and they got me.”

In the clip, we see photos of Demi looking pretty shocked by what happened. Later, she revealed, “I’m a sucker for, like, ghosts and aliens and stuff like that, so they got me pretty good.”

We can’t wait to see what the prank was. Tune into the new season of ‘Punk’d’ on March 29 at 10PM, and watch Demi talking about the upcoming episode below.


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