ARTICLE: Demi Lovato Tweets Details About Her Sexy Tyler Shields Photo Shoot

Prepare to see a whole new side of Demi Lovato! The 19-year-old star is officially shedding her Disney image with a sexy photo shoot by infamous celebrity photographer Tyler Shields — and she can’t wait for you to see the finished result. “Beyond excited,” Demi tweeted Jan. 15. “But um I hope I survive.”

Desperate for more details? Demi also tweeted, “I have broken glass in my hair.”

She also re-tweeted Francesca Fisher, daughter of Hollywood legend Clint Eastwood, who was present for the big shoot. “Watching magic happen,” Francesca tweeted.

We can’t wait to see how Demi’s photo shoot turns out. Tyler has never let us down in the past, capturing some of our favorite stars in sexy, shocking new lights, so we’re sure we won’t be disappointed!


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