ARTICLE: Demi Lovato Braves Sickness for Hometown Performance

The show must go on!

Demi Lovato refused to let her fans down last night by putting on one heck of a show in her hometown of Dallas, TX. Despite suffering from bronchitis, Demi was still all smiles as she belted out hit after hit from her new album.

Before hitting the stage, the songstress tweeted:

Woke up so sick this morning but I WILL NOT let it stop me from putting on a killer show in my hometown tonight!!! Come on Dallas TX!!!!

Unfortunately, Demi’s sickness hit back and the singer had to cut her set short by one song. But not to worry, Demi is still up and ready to take New Orleans tonight. She recently reassured her fans on Twitter:

I’m still so ready to rock it out tonight!


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