ARTICLE: Demi Lovato: Sunday Movie Night!

Demi Lovato shows off her pearly whites as she leaves the theater at The Grove in Los Angeles on Sunday night (July 17).

The 18-year-old actress, who had the help of security to get back to her car with a couple of pals, tweeted, “Walk into a movie, no one’s there. Walk out, BOOM! Still getting used to this bizarre life. #justwannamakemusic #canigetaAMEN?! :P”

Demi posted in her recent Seventeen blog about cyberbullying, “I think that some people use bullying as a way to fit in, and I’ve noticed it’s not just the “cool” kids doing it anymore. Sitting behind a computer gives people a sense of anonymity, but everyone needs to realize that words—even the ones they write online—have a strong power to hurt people.”


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