Demi Lovato’s Other Summer Trick Up Her Sleeve

By Johnni MacKe on Tuesday, June 08, 2010 2:58 PM

Demi Lovato has another trick up her sleeve this summer. She’s touring with the JO-Bros, promoting Camp Rock 2 and now working with Hot Topic. Hot Topic is putting on the Shop Til You Rock Tour in malls all over America starting in July. Demi said in her promotional video (CLICK HERE), “There’s going to be awesome live bands, hot fashion, amazing retailer deals and special guest appearances by me!” Demi and the mall, the best combo! This tour will be in over 121 malls, have musical guests and lots of clothes. Demi will be there, and she is encouraging all you teens out there to look for your inner rock star! Besides Demi, who do you want to see on this tour?


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