2009 – M Magazine – John Russo

I have added an old photoshoot Demi did with John Russo for M Magazine last year. Check them out!

10 Comments on “2009 – M Magazine – John Russo”

  1. hey demi im like ur hugest fan ever~!!!!!!!~

    would u be able 2 have a contest to give away like 2 or three free tickets to a tour concert thingy with you and the jonas brothers !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! plzzzz

    if u could that would be sooooooooooooooo awesome!!
    Vanessa A.

  2. hey girl!!! i love the dress your wearing (the very last one in that row)
    its soooo cute on u
    wish i had 1 just like it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! =) =) =)
    love ya!!

    for real!!!

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