Jonas Brothers & Demi- Get Back/SOS CR2 Set Performance

Joe, Nick, Demi (and Garbo) performed a short acoustic set on top of their SUV outside the Camp Rock 2 set after a day of filming on September 15th 2009. If you have any pictures email them to us at!

Jonas Brothers & Demi Lovato – Get Back/SOS CR2 Set Acoustic Performance HD – Youtube: itztwins

10 Comments on “Jonas Brothers & Demi- Get Back/SOS CR2 Set Performance”

  1. Demi, than i heard your woice without MIC and you sing soooo high and WOW you are just the best singer in the world!

    Love You.

    Remember too have a concert in december XD


  2. OMG! I can’t wait to see Camp Rock 2! I love both Get Back and SOS! I like Demi better than the Jonas Brothers but the JB’s sang great as well! Demi looked great and sang great!

  3. they have got to be like the sweetest people in the world… I mean who sits outside and sings with fans after a long day of shooting?? I mean that’s just insainly kind, and very appreciative. God demi’s got killer pipes!! I love her so much! It’s just so nice to see people so popular, yet so thankful. I met Ashley tisdale and zac efron last year and really aren’t the nicest people in the world. Zac was nicer, he signed my notebook and took a pic,(emtionlesly) and Ashley was well a b*** wouldn’t even smile at me, I even told her how I’ve looked up to her since I was eight and all I got was a smirk. I don’t get people

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