HQ Joe Magnani

I have now replaced a photoshoot we had of Demi that she did for Popstar! Magazine with Joe Magnani with high quality pictures. They are from 2008. Sadly, they are still tagged. But, still check them out!

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  1. oh am so sorry it was just my little brother who wrote that.i love you demi you are the best person on television,you have a amazing voice and you are very pretty. demi can you come to jamaica?its where i live you know jamica right?i have talk to you before on selena gomez chat box.do you remember me shanique green ,you were over your sister madison house.i asked you if you can come and do a concert you said you were busy and i asked you if you could come another time and you said yes.are you still coming?i really wna t you to come please.anyways i love your song my favourite one is here we go .i watch episodes with you when you were on barney you looked so cute and so was selena.your hair is very long and pretty i wish i had hair like yours mine is too short any advice on how to grow it.one last things my boobs are so little and i wnat them to grow.i massage them every night but nothing seems to happen.write me when you can and give me all the information you have.by the way i hear my mom calling me have to go ,bye love ya.

  2. Hei .. Demi .
    I Love You And i will so meet you!
    But i can’t go to england and Canada and there you go!
    You MOST COME To Norway !
    Play a concert in bergen .. And I LOVE you Photoshots!
    Its SO NICE
    and here we go again you have a NICE dress pink and I LOVE it<33
    My Biggest dream in the world is too met you!
    Sing with you !!!!!! Please Come to norway PLEASE …

    I Do anything just come to norway me and a friend og me is the biggest fan in the WORLD
    LOVEEE YOU <333333

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