Last Three Shows Cancelled!

David Archuleta’s management has confirmed with us that the final three shows on the Demi Lovato/David Archuleta tour have been canceled.

Aug 22: Atlantic City
* Trump Taj Mahal Casino Resort

Aug 23: Providence, Rhode Island
* Dunkin Donuts Center

Aug 24: Manchester, New Hampshire
* Verizon Wireless

The shows are in the process of being re-scheduled for the end of October and November 1st, but that is not a 100% confirmed yet.

15 Comments on “Last Three Shows Cancelled!”

  1. why!?!?!??!!
    omggggg, this is not fair!
    i was suppose to go to the one this saturday for my 17th! im so upset=(

  2. I know I was supposed to go to Atlantic City too with my friend! We were so excited!!! I almost cried. I’m really curious why though

  3. Yeah this sux i was suposed to go on sat. as well as soon as you find out anything about the rescudulation let me know or post it on your blog

  4. Awwwww… I was supposed to go to the NH one. I went to the CT one in June and it was amazing! I think it is because of lack of ticket sales. There are still floor seats available for the NH concert. Poor Demi! I love her.

  5. This is terrible to cancel at the last minute like this — just 2, 3, and 4 days before the actual concert dates. There will be a lot of disappointed fans, not just for the postponement, but for postponing at the VERY LAST MINUTE. You can’t tell me that they didn’t know of these supposed scheduling conflicts prior to just a few days from the concerts.

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