Selena and Demi Gone Through So Much…

“Selena Gomez & Best Friend Demi Lovato Have ‘Gone Through So Much Together'”
June 29th, 2009 9:18am EDT

Selena Gomez got to make a movie with her best friend, Demi Lovato. Princess Protection Program casts the Disney sensations as adversaries, so it was a really tough acting job.

“Sometimes our director would have to say, ‘Okay, girls, remember you don’t like each other,'” Gomez said. “So that was a bit of a challenge.”

Ultimately, the film’s message is that they become friends, just as in real life. “What I really like about it is the friendship element. A lot of little girls look up to Demi and I’s friendship because I’ve known her since I was seven, and we’ve gone through so much together and that’s what I really appreciate, is that there are such thing as having girls as your best friend for a really long time. Of course it’s not easy but you go through all those things and that was really nice having that message come across.”

It helps going through celebrity when you have a close friend going through it two. Gomez has just been a star for two years since Wizards of Waverly Place has been on the air, and Demo Lovato got her start in last year’s Camp Rock.

“It’s also a double-edged sword because it’s nice to have people who aren’t in the business too, because it’s refreshing to not talk about everything going on and talk about you know normal things,” says Gomez.

For young girls who think being famous is all it takes to be a princess, maybe “Princess Protection Program” can teach them a lesson too. “Being a princess means being able to just find things that make you a princess,” Gomez explained. “I don’t think there’s a specific way to be certain, like oh, okay you got to be pretty, you got to be this or that. It’s just kind of finding all the quirks about yourself that make you who you are.”

“Princess Protection Program” is now available on DVD.

Source: Starpulse

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