HQ PPP Premiere

I have added 30 high quality pictures from the Princess Protection Program premiere in Toronto, Ontario on June 18th. You can check out the pictures in the gallery! Also, i wanted to mention i got the special edition of People. I’ll try to scan it today.

EDIT: Added 7 more high qualitys!

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  1. the people issue with selena and demi hit stands already? please reply. i really want to get this issue

  2. hey, here in South America gave the chapter 13 of SWAC; is about a girl of the foundation of the dreamers kids who wins a day in so ramdon! and sonny take her to know the studio but she wants to meet chad dylan cooper. Meanwhile tawni, nico and Grady used the scenario of a scene to make it through like a night club and because they aren´t in magazines; so they upload the photos in the internet and now everyone wants to enter the “basement”.It turns out the girl, Dakota, is the daughter of MR. condor the own studies, so she lead so ramdon cast for be with chad. The chapter concludes that chad is going to the basement if he greets Dakota; but suddenly Mr. Condor enters the basement and discovers that Sonny took his daughter to a night club and chad mistreated dakota. then tha walls falling off and sonny said that she would not take her into a real club noctuno so Mr. condon forgives her. But chad has to be all day with dakota.
    In the scene in the basement appears Dallas Lovato:)

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