“Here We Go Again” Track Listing!

1. U Got Nothin’ On Me
2. Quiet
3. Here We Go Again
4. Falling Over Me
5. Solo
6. Stop The World
7. Catch Me
8. Every Time You Lie
9. Remember December
10. Shut Up And Love Me
11. Got Dynamite
12. For The Love Of A Daughter
13. World Of Chances

14. Gift Of A Friend
15. So Far So Great (Sonny With A Chance Theme Song)

13 Comments on ““Here We Go Again” Track Listing!”

  1. CREDIT Kameron
    DemiOnline.org posted the tracklisting FIRST!

    don’t mean to be rude… I LOVE YOUR SITE:)

  2. We were mailed this, plus my friend has the sources for the track listings from managements. We never knew you posted on our website, Kameron, nor visited your site. So we didn’t take it from you.

  3. OMG, just let it rest. You can’t even claim rights to NEWS, that only applies for photos and stuff. Kameron could have easily got it on just jared or something

  4. We didn’t get it from Kameron. If we did we would of credited. Also, one of our friends has the source where they released the track listing officially from management (Universal/Hollywood Records). And the fan said it has been released. I haven’t never been on Demi Online, so please stop harassing us for just posting a track listing. It’s unfair.

  5. Oh, so sorry to jump to conclusions! From the mentions in your comments – it seems like the same place I got mine. Again, I am very sorry! Continue running this amazing fan site!

  6. i cant wait for the album i just thank all of you no matter who sent it ,it just proves you guys are dedicated fans and are happy for demi like me so appreciate u guys the album will be amazing and i heard here we go again it was short but it sounded amazing

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