Demi tasks: Stay grounded, reach for the stars

By Lauren Carter
Thursday, June 25, 2009

Are the Jonas Brothers too young to be mentors? Not if you’re 16-year-old Demi Lovato.

Since starring alongside the JoBros in the 2008 Disney Channel movie “Camp Rock,” singer-songwriter-actress Lovato – who performs at Agganis Arena on Friday night with “American Idol” runner-up David Archuleta – has found that membership in the Jonas circle has its privileges.

The brotherly boy band was heavily involved in the writing and recording of Lovato’s 2008 debut album, “Don’t Forget,” which went to No. 2 on the Billboard 200. And their shrieking tween and teen fans were introduced to Lovato’s music when she served as opening act on the Jonas’ 2008 “Burning Up Tour.”

“Those guys are incredible,” Lovato said by phone from New York City. “The experiences that I got to have with them were like totally life-changing. I mean, one day you’re in your room in Texas playing guitar, writing songs, and the next day you’re in front of 35,000 people playing your songs and having the audience sing them to you. Within six months that literally did happen.”

Along the way, Dallas native Lovato managed to glean some pearls of show-biz wisdom from the Jonases, who, according to Lovato, are like brothers to her.

“They’re really great guys and they never talk bad about anybody,” Lovato said. “They just are very polite and it’s really cool because they taught me. I would have never known to go say hi to your opening acts or make sure that I thank them, or anything. They taught me so many manners and etiquette that now I get to use on the road.”

The road has taken Lovato away from working as an opening act. Now the rising star is on her first tour as a headliner.

“I was so nervous opening up for the Jonas Brothers, not knowing what fans would think of me,” Lovato said. “Now I get to go out and see all the fans that are there for me. Seeing people with Demi posters and Demi T-shirts – it’s a dream come true.”

The dream is a bit overwhelming, but Demi is dealing. She’s been taking voice lessons, working out and riding her skateboard when she gets bored before a show. She says she stays grounded through her fans and her Christian faith, but admits she doesn’t have all the answers yet: She’s still figuring out how to keep her suitcase from turning into a total mess.

Lovato’s as-yet-untitled sophomore album drops on July 21 – another step toward JoBro independence.

“It’s got a different sound, because I wrote most of it with other writers, or it’s just me,” Lovato said. “This time I really want to show the world who I am.”

Lovato’s acting career also continues to blossom. She stars in a forthcoming Disney movie, “Princess Protection Program.” And “Camp Rock 2” is in the works, along with a second season of her Disney TV series “Sonny With a Chance.”

But if it’s a question of music or acting, for Lovato there’s no question.

“Music is incredible because you get to express who you are,” she said. “Whereas acting, you’re playing a different character every day. You could play a thousand roles and nobody would know who you are. Which in some ways is a great thing. But for me, I’m put on this Earth to express myself and inspire people with my story. That’s how I want to help people.”

Source: Boston Herald

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