Demi falls during June 27th show?

Demi Lovato fell down during the June 27th show during “Until Your Mine“, but she just laughed it off and continued on like it was nothing big. Good girl!

Youtube: alanaarobb

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  1. hah i was there. it was funny. and i love how she just laughed about it.

    and oh, it’s YOU’RE, not your.

  2. oh and alise, no she doesn’t. she has two backup singers now. you can see them at the top of the stairs. so they kept singing even when demi was on the ground hahh.

  3. That is a good thing to do just to laugh it off and her laugh is so cute and no matter what we will always cheer for her and it’s a good thing she laughed it up,hope she didn’t get hurt!

  4. in the second concert in peru.. when she was in the middle of.. (oh crap i cant remember the song) but she was so into that song.. and suddundly this HUGE noise comming from nowhere started and she kept singing (it was like 3 secons that i coulnt even hear her)…she is so profetional about it.. and shes only 16! she’s great!

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