Be An ‘Honor’ To Be On ‘New Moon’ Soundtrack

“Demi Lovato Says It Would Be An ‘Honor’ To Be On ‘New Moon’ Soundtrack”

Jun 11 2009 6:51 AM EDT
By Jocelyn Vena

As a fan of “Twilight,” Demi Lovato would jump at the chance to be on the “New Moon” soundtrack. Her name has been rumored — along with Kelly Clarkson and Justin Guarini — to be on the soundtrack-consideration list.

Lovato says that for now, at least, it doesn’t seem likely that her music will be featured in the film. “That [rumor], like, blew up. It is funny,” she told MTV News on the set of her new video, “Here We Go Again.”

Admittedly, MTV News may have been the ones to plant the “New Moon” seed when we suggested her name back in February. “Someone asked me and I said that would be cool,” she explained. “There’s no plans for that, so we can clear that up — but it would be a complete honor.”

Lovato is looking forward to watching “New Moon” when it comes out later this year. “I’m dying to see the movie,” the teen admitted. And she’s already decided who she would like to write a love song for if she is asked to be on the soundtrack.

“Edward Cullen — I would write a love song to him,” the singer/actress said, before giddily adding, “Or Jacob Black!”


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