Photos: Rio de Janeiro, Brazil – 5/23

Hopefully more get released, if you find a site who has photos or if you took your own, please email us (include your name, date, location)!

8 Comments on “Photos: Rio de Janeiro, Brazil – 5/23”

  1. I WAS THERE !!!!!!!!!!!!!! SHE WAS INCRERIBLE *-* . AWW, BEAUTIFUL SHIRT HAHHAHAHA really, she said that she won’t never forget brazil… if is true i don’t know, i just know i won’t never forget her 2 ; (sorry for my bad english haha, I suck in english okay)

  2. wow DEMI you was AWESOME yesterday in APOTEOSE i love youu! congratulations `cause you really ROCK and i can`t live without you GIRL (THE DIVA OF DISNEY)wow was amazing saw everyone singn your songs!!and screams your name says`I LOVE YOU DEMI`LOVELY! thanks a lot for came to RIO DE JANEIRO!! CAME BACK PLEASE!!;)**

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