MAY 19 – Lima, Peru – Coverage!


  • ddlovato – @Jake_Banks P.S. As you’re favorite boys would say, I believe you’ve just been “poned.” :)
  • ddlovato – I don’t want to leave Peru… the fans are INCREDIBLE! But I’m so excited for the rest of this South American run. CHILE TONIGHT!! :D
  • ddlovato – been touring and working extremely hard for years and they still haven’t stopped. They’re the hardest working people I know of.
  • ddlovato – @Jake_Banks It’s funny that you call them a “disney fabrication” but they have fans of ALL ages and they do deserve the spotlight. They’ve
  • ddlovato – You’d think selling out stadiums would go to their heads.. But it hasn’t. I love this tour. And them brothers. :)
  • strong>ddlovato – P.S. Used a port-o-potty today. You know.. just keepin’ it real. ;)
  • ddlovato – Okay so, how many of you guys are here at the concert tweeting on your phones?
  • Demi Lovato opened up with La La Land
  • Also, Demi Lovato performed Lo Que Soy/Gotta Find You with the Jonas BrotherS.
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    1. I WENT TO THIS CONCERT!! it was amazing! she did it sooo good!! she told us that shes coming back to Peru.. but alone! a loved her!
      i went to her hotel today.. but she was already gone i felt so deprese. but its ok… im so exited.. still exited! hahahaha
      the JB were ESPECTACULAR too! HAHA soo good and i almost missed! it was like 6.00 and a friend of mine was like CRIISSS WE HAVE TO GO! I GOT A TICKED YOU U!! and i started to scream sooo badly hahahaha it was amazing!! love itt

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