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ddlovato – All of my faith is in God. He literally just told me “Yo Demz, I got this. Trust me.”

ddlovato – @christft Say anything!!! You just scored points for that one. :)

ddlovato – My dear, were slow dancing in a burning room..

ddlovato – I’ll Be Missing You – Puff Diddy and Faith Evans

ddlovato – Puff Daddy* Diddy, Daddy, Puffy, Puddy whatever.

ddlovato – Control – Metrostation

ddlovato – My newest pet peeve: Grapes with seeds in them. Fruit as little a grapes should not be able to carry multiple seeds in them. What’s the point?!!?

ddlovato – Whoa my dressing room is shaking! I have a feeling tonight’s show is gonna be INSANE!!! No literally I can feel it.. Like my walls are shaking

ddlovato – @m_callahan haha niceee

ddlovato -@mileycyrus I know you do! Hahahaha I’m flying home tonight!! I need to see you. Like tomorrow.

ddlovato – I chipped a tooth on stage today from my mic. This singing stuff is dangerous!

ddlovato – I laugh in the face of chipped teeth. :l

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