Disney Channel’s Friends For A Change – Going Green (HQ)

Youtube: NextWaveOfFame

6 Comments on “Disney Channel’s Friends For A Change – Going Green (HQ)”

  1. She’s awesome, but I wish the Jonas Brothers would be around her more >:O
    Joe Jonas seems so….conceited ;o

  2. He is conceited ! I just noticed that. He used to be all funny and nice, until he started dating that whore named Camilla Belle. The bitch is old and hideous. Kevin and Nick actually has talent,while Joe just depnds on his “looks” if he has any ;o

  3. I totally agree with you Cathy ! Whoa , if I have the chance , I’ll kill that monobrow bitch . :D

  4. well,Joe has sooooooooooo talent ,well Nick and Kevin too but Joe the most and yeah i hate Camille Belle,I just want to be with Demi,they’re so cute together and they know that

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