Chelsea Staub mentions Demi Lovato!

“Chelsea Staub: Jumpy for JONAS!”
FRI, 01 MAY 2009 AT 9:50 PM

Chelsea Staub blows kisses to the camera as she takes a ride around town with costar Kevin Jonas.

The 20-year-old actress caught up with JJJ to chat about JONAS, the JoBros and a crazy-manic fish named Bea. Check it out:

JJJ: How much fun is it working with your real life best friend, Nicole Anderson?

CS: It’s really cool. Nicole and I met each other five years ago in an acting class. We hit it off right away because we’re both the same age and we’re both in the same situation where we left our home states (hers being Georgia, mine Arizona) with our moms, living in a one-bedroom apartment pursuing our dream which was amazing but it’s hard too. We were missing friends and families, prom and high school. So, we really hit it off and it was nice to have someone going through the same things. About two years ago, we both auditioned for Stella. It came down to me, Nicole and Demi Lovato for the role of Stella. I booked it and I was so thrilled and it was also bittersweet because my friend lost out and that was hard feeling like you’re celebrating when you know your friend is hurting. Then a year ago, when we started filming the first season, the producers came to me and said that they really wanted to write in a best friend for Stella and they were thinking of casting Nicole. It was perfect. It was full circle and we were able to do the show together. Also, both starting out in the same acting class, going through auditions together to now seeing our names on the call sheet of a series as a regular character. It was cool to go through this experience together because we both know how much it means to us. We’ve had a lot of moments on set where we just stop and look at each other and go, ‘I can’t believe we did this. This is so awesome.’…

Source: Just Jared Jr.

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She is also featured on Chelsea’s Blog:

Friday, May 01, 2009

Saturday night is the culmination of several years of emotions wrapped up into thirty minutes of high energy entertainment with opening credits…

Five years later, I’ve been a gunner in the same crusade… the tug of war between booking and not booking. I’ve gone on hundreds of auditions and spent countless hours in acting classes and coaching sessions. I’ve broken down sobbing during emotional monologues, which is embarrassing enough in itself without having to do it in a room filled with hot, young male actors.

I’ve made it to the “final callback” dozens of times… only to find I “wasn’t right for the part.” I lost roles to friends and watched a number of them advance into big movies and big careers.

In the acting realm, a final callback is usually referred to as “testing.” How is it I can’t escape that terrifying word four hundred miles away from my school? A test here is like a final that your entire career is riding on — and I thought a two page essay on “Great Expectations” was daunting! Instead of a teacher in a bad cat sweater, you’re being graded by twenty producers and executives armed with suits and cell phones, and all of them have to give you an A. Plus, out of the four or five girls taking this intense final exam, only one can pass.

I’d mostly failed all my tests thus far. It wasn’t pretty. They’re incredibly nerve-racking and they become more so as you get attached to the role. I received an audition for “Stella Malone, a feisty teenage girl who’s best friends with a rock band.” Since “Almost Famous” is my favorite movie, I was intrigued by this role from the start. So imagine the extra pressure I experienced when, after making it through several callbacks, I was suddenly sharing the room with three undeniably charming and attractive boys in Nike sneakers. And the two girls I was testing against? Demi Lovato and Nicole Anderson.

I want you guys to know that playing the role of “Stella” holds so much more meaning to me than just “getting to work with the Jonas Brothers.” Not that I don’t have the utmost respect and love for my incredible co-stars, but this show means a lot to me personally.

This show is the denouement of a bittersweet series of events…

Source: Chelsea Staub’s Myspace

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