Selena Gomez and Jonas Brothers Cook Their Favorite Meals for 2009 Mother’s Day

April 23, 2009 02:52:15 GMT

Mother’s Day has not yet come, but Selena Gomez and Jonas Brothers have no hesitation to share on what they’re doing with their mothers to mark the event. Both Disney stars apparently like spending the big day in the kitchen, cooking their family’s favorite food as seen through the 2009 Mother’s Day Promo Shoot released by Disney.

As for Selena, she and her mother Mandy make one of their favorite meals, Shrimp Lettuce Wraps, to celebrate Mother’s Day. Claiming the meal special to both of them, Mandy explains the reason why, saying, “This is actually the first meal we cooked in our first house. We had always lived in apartments so, when we finally got settled into our very first home, it was the first thing we made.”

Unlike Selena’s family, Jonas Brothers’ favorite dish is steak and so for the upcoming Mother’s Day Kevin Jonas, Joe Jonas, and Nick Jonas make Filet Mignon with Chinese Coleslaw. “Steak is always popular!” the brothers’ mother Denise Jonas says. “When I serve this salad to guests, I always have a recipe card on hand because I am usually asked for it. The credit really goes to a dear friend, my husband’s former assistant. She and her husband first served it to our family when they welcomed all of us to dinner!”

Beside Selena and the Jonas boys, some other Disney stars, like Demi Lovato, Moises Arias, and David Henrie, also willingly share what favorite meals they cook for this year Mother’s Day. Greater than cooking meals together, each of the young celebs and their mothers also open up about the importance of the yearly celebration.

Source: Ace Showbiz

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