Meet The New Disney Queen

“Meet the new Disney teen queen set to be bigger than Miley Cyrus”

Apr 24 2009 Brian Mciver

If YOU’RE aged over 18, then you might not have heard of Demi Lovato – but don’t worry, you soon will.

The Texan tweenie is about to become one of the biggest young stars in the world, with a new album, movie, TV series and concert tour all about to kick off in the next few months.

The 16-year-old Disney protege, who was the star of the hit TV movie Camp Rock, is set to follow in the footsteps of stars such as Hilary Duff and Miley Cyrus by taking over the entertainment world, one medium at a time.

Having appeared with pop rock sensations The Jonas Brothers in Camp Rock last year, she is about to launch her own kids sitcom Sonny Gets A Chance, which is more popular than American Idol for young viewers.

And she is judging a new Disney Channel UK reality show tonight, My Camp Rock, where young musicians compete to perform the musical’s hits.

Demi is also promoting a movie, The Princess Protection Programme, has her own album and singles out and has just announced her first headlining tour, after supporting pals the Jonas Brothers last year.

But if the popularity of her films, TV shows and albums is anything to go by, she will soon be bigger than any of her other Camp Rockers.

Demi said:”I just like to do my thing and whatever comes with it is awesome.

“With Camp Rock, we just did what we did, and we are all so excited about the success that we’ve had, we didn’t feel too much pressure making it.

” I started off doing Barney And Friends when I was really young, and I just kept working at it and trying to do my best, but my biggest break was Camp Rock. It was amazing to get that part. I’m still friends with a lot of the cast. I toured with the Jonas Brothers, they’re awesome.

“We’re shooting the sequel later this year, I don’t know what it’ll be about, but there’ll be lots of music.” Demi got her first big break when she appeared in the hit kiddie show Barney And Friends when she was just seven.

She mixed various performing parts with her schooling, and three years ago, aged 14, her star really started to rise.

A small part in hit series Prison Break was followed by a regular stint on the Disney Channel’s comedy show As The Bell Rings in 2007, where she also got to perform to some of her own music. She has also appeared on several Disney albums, and confirmed her place at the centre of the rising star constellation when she was given the lead in Camp Rock, the 2008 Disney Channel TV movie that was set up as a kind of follow-up to the High School Musical phenomenon.

In the movie, she plays a troubled young performer who attends a summer camp to sort out her music, and through a variety of song and dance numbers and a blooming romance, she finds the confidence and the voice to be a star.

The TV movie has so far been watched by more than 117 million people around the world, while the DVD and album soundtrack have been top sellers. Next up is a big US tour.

She said: ” I do have time for school, I’m home schooled so a tutor comes with me, and one is here in Europe as well with me.

” And sometimes I’ll bring my friends with me. My best friend Marissa comes on tour with me, she gets to skip school and hang out with me, she is only the best. ”

I do a lot of travelling, but I’d love to play concerts in Europe, but I have to get more fans here first.

“The UK is so amazing, I love it here, and I’d love to come to Scotland, I hear it’s awesome.”

Next up for the movie world is The Princess Protection Programme about a young princess who becomes friends with a regular girl. Demi stars alongside her best pal Selena Gomez in the new tweenie movie due on TV and DVD this summer.

“I met Selena when I was seven years old when we were queuing up for the Barney And Friends auditions, and we’ve been friends ever since, but this is the first time we’ve worked together.

“This was a great movie to make.We shot it in Puerto Rico, so it was like a duel work and vacation for us, which was great, although there was more work than vacation, but that’s always the way it is.”

With all her various Disney projects on the go, she is following in the footsteps of former Disney child stars like Lindsay Lohan, Christina Aguilera, Miley Cyrus, Britney Spears and Hilary Duff.

And Demi knows whose footsteps she wants to follow in.

“I really look up to Miley because she is so strong and she has to go through so much, and I also really look up to Hilary Duff because she’s really stayed out of the trouble. She has grown up in the spotlight and stayed out of the scandals.

“I admire her because of how mature she was throughout everything.

“I’m also a huge fan of Christina Aguilera, she is very credible, there’s something very special about her because of her voice. She is a great career role model.”

Demi’s debut album, Don’t Forget, is out now, and as well as promoting the record, is 30 the set.” this 30 real that’s on Demi ” show show there funny, ” It close to friends.” She with the Camp take part looking a We a Demi is also looking forward to introducing her British fans to her TV projects.

She is taking part in the My Camp Rock reality talent contest, which sees young people across the UK compete a real life Camp Rock- style by performing songs from the film.

While her sitcom SonnyWith A Chance also hits UK screens tonight. The new comedy is a series set in the world of a fictional teen sketch show, kind of like 30 Rock for the tweenie set.

“For anyone to compare this show to 30 Rock is a real honour, that’s one of my favourite shows on television,” Demi said.

“I’ve been so delighted with how well the show has done. It’s a comedy show about a comedy show, and there are lots of jokes, and it’s funny, so I hope people like it.

“It was awesome, I got really close to the cast, and we’re all friends.”

She added: “I’m really impressed the standard of entries for My Rock. It’s a real honour to part in this series. I’m really forward to see how people cover Camp Rock songs, none of us expected things like this. We all just thought we were making a movie, and none of us realised it would be so huge that they would make a TV show about us and it would be so successful, so it’s great.”

It seems that, with the Disney family right behind her, there is no stopping her.

But what is her first love? “I really prefer making music, that’s what I feel most passionate about. “I’ve always loved singing and song writing, and if I’ve had a bad day, I can just go home and play some music or write a songabout it.

“Butwhen I’m having a bad day, I don’t gohome andsuddenlybreakintoacting.

“I thinkmaking music is the most fun I have, but I’m very lucky to combine it with acting, and eventually I’d like to direct. I two goals in my life, I want to win and I want to win an Oscar.”

Mickey would be proud…

Camp Rock – Final Jam airs on Channel today at 5.35pm. Sonny Chance launches on Disney today at 5.10pm. My Camp Rock Jam, Disney Channel, tomorrow , 10.30am

Source: Daily Record

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    Demi’s debut album, Don’t Forget, is out now, and as well as promoting the record, is 30 the set.” this 30 real that’s on Demi ” show show there funny, ” It close to friends.” She with the Camp take part looking a We a Demi is also looking forward to introducing her British fans to her TV projects.



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