Demi Lovato & Kelly Blatz: DDR Dancers

Demi Lovato hits the arcade for a little Dance Dance Revolution (DDR) with fellow a Disney star, Aaron Stone’s Kelly Blatz, in this new episode from Sonny With A Chance, airing Sunday, April 12 @ 8PM ET/PT on Disney Channel.

In the ep, Sonny is asked on a date by suave MacKenzie Falls guest star James Conroy (Blatz), who also happens to be Tawni’s ex-boyfriend.

“James take Sonny to the local arcade/burger joint for a date,” Kelly, 21, shared with “We play a little Dance Dance Revolution and have a little bite and are very rudely interrupted by certain some ones.” (JJJ Note: Once James reveals his true colors, Sonny and Tawni enlist Chad to help turn the tables on James.)

Kelly also recalled a similar date he once took a girl. “I took my first date to a similar spot actually,” he told JJJ. “It was place called the Sherman Oaks castle park. The ideal place for a first date. Mini Golf, Go-Carts, batting cages, arcade games, pizza. I highly recommend it. I would have to say that my real life first date was much better than my date with Sonny. In my real life date I wasn’t showed up in every kind of arcade game (as Sonny did to me), and it didn’t end in disaster, (as it did with Sonny). My real life date was very sweet and romantic. A little awkward but sweet.”

Source: Just Jared Jr.

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