Demi & Joe: Besties!

Posted on April 1, 2009 by popstareditor

Demi graces the pages of People (April 13th edition), and there’s lots of cute stuff in there about her best-friendship with Joe Jonas!

In the article, Demi describes a shopping trip with Joe:

“We went to Urban Outfitters and I was like, ‘Joe, you have to get this,’ and he was like, ‘Demi, you have to get this!’ We didn’t mean to spend that much money!”

She’s not always bothered by paparazzi like some other Disney stars:

“A lot of people still don’t know me, so fortunately I can go out and be really normal.”

Joe’s description of Demi is hilarious:

“Demi’s a big dork! She’s so well-poised and has so much confidence in herself.”

Overall, Demi claims:

“My life really hasn’t changed. I’ve just become busier.”

Source: Popstar! Magazine

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