DEMI CENTRAL: Exclusive Interview – Part 2 of 2!

As you may know, I got to interview Demi Lovato in the beginning of March, we posted the first part of the interview before (CLICK HERE), Now, I finally got type to listen to the second part of the interview which was a few random questions and type up the answers. Below is what she had to say. The audio clips might take awhile to do cause I have to crop to the parts and change volume settings. So that might not be up for awhile, sorry fans but enjoy! We thank Demi again for letting us do this and we hope this summer we get to do another exclusive coverage and interview in person!

DEMI CENTRAL: Random Question Set – How was Meatloaf Wednesday invented?
DEMI LOVATO: Um, I don’t know! We were just having like Meatloaf at my house, and it was just like a family thing and then I started inviting my friends.

DEMI CENTRAL: Random Question Set – What do you consider is your favorite episode from Sonny With A Chance?
DEMI LOVATO: I think the episode we are shooting this week is going to be my favorite. We have Jeff Durham guest starring with one his puppets named Walter. And I love his sketches that he does with Walter on Youtube. So this is a really funny episode to film and I am really excited.

DEMI CENTRAL: Random Question Set – What would you say about your new found friends, Honor Society?
DEMI LOVATO: They are such sweet guys! They came to LA and I still didn’t have many friends last year because I just moved here and we knew each other through work so just started hanging out. All those guys are just… they are incredible. And they are hilarious!

DEMI CENTRAL: Random Question Set – You mentioned you have new hobbies, what would those be?
DEMI LOVATO: I’ve gotten and become really into painting and drawing, like a lot with art and things like that. So over the past year, I’ve been reading a lot, so reading books is another one.

DEMI CENTRAL: Random Question Set – What advice would you give best friend, Selena Gomez on pursuing music?
DEMI LOVATO: I’ll definitely say, I mean, she’s talented and I think she doesn’t need my advice. But do the type of music you love and I think that’s what she is doing. So, she’s going to be great.

DEMI CENTRAL: Random Question Set – Your fashion sense has evolved more lately, what do you see yourself not being afraid to wear and do more for your style?
DEMI LOVATO: I am not afraid to show my legs that much anymore. I use to be like self consciousness or whatever and wear tights or whatever and cover them up. But recently, I just started wearing more skirts and dresses, feeling more girlie. And to me I just hate wearing jeans cause they are just not comfortable to me. So I love wearing going out wearing skirts now.

DEMI CENTRAL: Random Question Set – With Miley Cyrus, a lot say there was “beef” between you guys, We want to clear that up.
DEMI LOVATO: No, there was never “beef” between me and Miley. That’s just something that everyone wanted to believe. Sometimes I think that people want to like start up gossip and drama and things like that. We just started to get to know each other really this past summer and we become really good friends. There was never any “beef”, so we are good.

DEMI CENTRAL: Random Question Set – Do you love the movie, “Mean Girls”, If you love the movie, would you do a quote, say a line from the movie?
DEMI LOVATO: I love that movie especially because Tina Fey was involved with it. She did an incredible job… What are some of the lines. I am trying to think of one that’s appropriate. One was like, “You go Glen Coco, you go!”

DEMI CENTRAL: Random Question Set – Someone wants to know if you have a twitter and where to contact you if you have a twitter.
DEMI LOVATO: Yeah, I have a twitter. My name on twitter is “ddlovato”.

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  1. Great interview,, i like the new girly style,, i love the dress that she wore at the HM premier,, she was sooo stunning, and the shoes… fabulous

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