Hot New NEWS! Tiger Beat 3D App Is HERE!

OMG! This is super cool and exciting news! We JUST launched a new 3D application for the iPod touch and iPhone! Trust me when I say this app is AWESOME! You can see all your fave celebs in 3D and do fun things like send 3D eCards to your BFFs. Of course you’ll need 3D glasses but that won’t be a problem at all! You can use the pair that comes FREE with the 3D issue of April Tiger Beat – on sale NOW! Best part is that this application is FREE to download, so even if you don’t have an iPod touch or iPhone, you can still download it so that if and when you DO get one, you’ll have it all ready to go! Just CLICK HERE or visit! Don’t forget to tell Blog Girl how much you love it! I can’t wait to hear from you! Yay!

Source: Daily Dish

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