Demi Lovato at Atlantis/Bahamas!

I have added tons of a MQ and HQ photos of Demi Lovato and one of her best friends, Marissa roaming around the Altantis Resort on Paradise Island/Bahamas to the gallery! So cute!

3 Comments on “Demi Lovato at Atlantis/Bahamas!”

  1. Bahamas? Aaaaaah! :/
    BTW, photo with dolphins in the air looks cool, also when seadog kissed her… or when she helds with seadog… And 2nd kissing photo reminds me of some commercial, haha. I don’t know why. anyways, she looks awesome without makeup

  2. i went to discovery cove in orlando, florida and that`s what it reminds me of.cuz i did all of that plus i got to swim with the dolphins. :P

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